Interview mit Matthew Wilson


Interview mit Matthew Wilson (AUS) von, geführt von einer völlig fertigen Lance am 10.08.2003 nach dem Sparkassen-Giro in Bochum mit einem halbnackten Fahrer:


Original version:


First let me ask one question to avoid any misunderstanding - you're a cancer survivor, right?


Yeah, right.


This was just interesting for me, so let's start with the interview.


When did you start cycling? With 15 and turned pro 2 years ago (when he was 23) . I started on the track in Australia like all of us Aussies.


Do you remember your 1st race?


Mmh, YES! It was a small track race back in Australia in a small town.


Who was/is your idol?


Brad McGee


What type of rider are you?


I see myself as a Domestique, but I'm good in winning hilly races.


Which race would you like to win once in your life?


The Tour de France.






And your chances are...?


Slim. (laughs)


You left the Tour this year at stage...13 or something?


Something like that.

(It was stage 10)


Which goals do you have for this/the next season?


Winning one of the classics like Paris-Roubaix. I like the classic races a lot.


Any motto in your life?


When opportunity knocks you out...take your chances.


What do you think about the helmet duty?


I'm always wearing a helmet. OK, on days like this it's pretty hot, but better a hot head than a dead head.


What do you do in your free time?


Hanging around with the Aussie-bunch (Bradley McGee, Baden Cooke) playing games, fishing


Just relaxing...


Yeah, right.


Thank you. One picture and I let you go.


Smile. Smiile!



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