U23 Mock List 2011 for international guests

“In sprints Marcel Kittel is not expected to show much in 2011, even if he was one of the fastest U23 riders, because Skil is very strong in this department. But he will prove himself to be a strong lead-out man.” (Mock List 2010)


If you don’t want to miss hilarious judgements like this one, you probably should take a vacation the upcoming days. Because:




Mock List time, the most beautiful time of the year. This years – according to us – 50 best U23 riders find themeselves back in this ranking. All possible informations were jammed into 20 short (place 50 to 31) and 30 long (30 to 1) articles, for the World Championship spectator to be perfectly prepared for the U23 races in Copenhagen.


This little miracle was accomplished by the following team:


Writing: ocana (10), ogkempf (9), Offi and virtualprofit (both 7), Rieper and wagenge (both 5), chreezer (4) and phil (3)

Translating: tick (16), ogkempf (15), ocana (12), chreezer (4), emilia (2) and bugno (1)

Typo3 slave: Offi

Correcting: ocana und ogkempf

Photomanaging: ocana

Photos: ogkempf, tusberg, virtualprofit, several external suppliers

Updates: ogkempf

Director: ogkempf


For everybody who wondered how the ranking comes into being, here is a short introduction: The eight writing team members have independently from each other each nominated 20 cyclists. Because we restricted the ranking to 50 cyclists one cyclist had to be erased.

The amount of nominations is the criteriun for the riders placing in the ranking (5 nominations > 4 > 3…).

Cyclists with the same amount of nominations were put into an subjective ranking by each of the writing team members.

Out of this classification the Mock List 2011 emerged from a mathematically, pedagogically and probably even anthropologically valuable calculation.

>>>> ranking 50 - 41

50. Daniel Alexander Jaramillo Diez

49. Artem Topchanyuk

48. Reinardt Janse van Rensburg

47. Evgeny Shalunov

46. Lachlan Morton

45. George Bennett

44. Julian Kern

43. Mark McNally

42. Nicola Boem

41. Victor Cabedo


>>>> ranking 40 - 11

40. Jacob Rathe

39. Jordi Simon

38. Sonny Colbrelli

37. Sebastian Lander

36. Bert - Jan Lindeman

35. Warren Barguil

34. Stefano Agostini

33. Rasmus Quaade

32. Nikias Arndt

31. Moreno Hofland

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