U23 - Mock List 2011, rank 50 - 41

Rank 50: Daniel Alexander Jaramillo Diez

Daniel Alexander Jaramillo Diez




Specialty: stage racer - climber

Most important successes: 1. Vuelta a Colombia Sub-23 2011

Team/Club 2011: Gobernación de Antioquia - Antioquia Indeportes

Stagiaire: -

Team 2012: Gobernación de Antioquia - Antioquia Indeportes

Best Mock List placing: new

Web: -


Only a very few cycling fans should have missed, that the colombians are producing one talented rider after another in the age groups from 1986 to 1991 and bringing them to the european races. Every two years the now 20-year-old "Antioqueño" won the most important race in Colombia. In 2007 he won the national tour in the classes for 15/16 year old riders and in 2009 for the juniors.


The boundaries between elite and U-23 team at Gobernación de Antioquia are slightly flowing. So Jaramillo rode his first year as an U23 rider first for the U23 of his team and finished the U23 national tour third. In October, he then joined the elite team for the Vuelta a Guatemala (2.2). He achieved a third and a fifth place, plus the seventh place overall in this by UNE-EPM-dominated tour.


The at 1,74 meters and 62 ideal built Jaramillo was initially competing as track and field athlete, before he decided on the basis of his stature to become a cyclist. Anyway obvious, as he comes from a family of well-known Colombian cyclists. At First in May Jaramillo finished second in the individual time trial of the Pan American Championships U23. A few days later, he succeeded in winning the Vuelta a Columbia sub-23 with a always attentive and strong riding. He won at the mountaintop finish in Manizales and also took two second places. Jaramillo is the first rider to win theVuelta a Columbia in all three U-classes.

He was supposed to start at the GiroBio in June. Visa problems and the protests by the italian teams against the in recent years too strong Colombians, prevented this start. Jaramillo still has two more years left, to recommend himself strongly outside of Colombia. This years races in Utah and Colorado have already shown, that it is possible at Gobernación de Antioquia to make an impression outside of Colombia.

At the World Championships he will not start, despite he is a good time trialist. A start at the second largest race in Colombia, the Clásico RCN and joining Sergio Henoa there, is possible.


Nominated by Ocana, written by Ocana, translated by ocana

Rank 49: Artem Topchanyuk

Artem Topchanyuk




Rider type: Allrounder

Biggest success: Ukrainian U23 Champion

Team 2011: ISD Lampre Continental

Stagiaire: -

Team 2012: to be determined

Best Mock List Placing: new

Web: -


Artem Topchanyuk is the third Ukrainian rider alltogether to make it into the Mock List, following Andry Grivko in the year of 2004 and Dmytro Grabovskyy in 2006. After riding four years for the ukrainian ISD Continental Team in the meantime, he deserved this nomination.


In his first year he couldn´t draw attention with good results. In 2009 this changed on national level. At the U23 championships he reached the podium with his third place. One year later he even managed to gain the title in the same category. In his home country he was able to gather more medals at the Mountain Championships. By attaining the seventh place overall at the Tour of Szekerland (2.2), he made himself noteable for the first time internationally.


In 2011 his best year until now followed. As an escapee he fought himself to the podium of the Russian one day race Memorial Oleg Dyachenko (1.2). At the Sibiu Cycling Tour (2.2) in Romania he reached the fifth place overall. During the mountain stage and the time trial he finished among the best ten. He closely missed a medal at the U23 European Championships in Italy, where he ended in fourth place.


It's not just that Topchanyuk can handle the mountains quite well, in the time trials he is a man to watch as well. Because of his track upbringing, he can achieve good results out of escape groups. Wether he will let his fifth year with the ukrainian team follow in 2012 or if he will make a stepup is not yet known at this time.


Nominated by rieper, written by rieper, translated by Ogkempf

Rank 48: Reinardt Janse van Rensburg

Reinardt Janse van Rensburg

South Africa



Rider type: Allrounder/Time Triallist

Biggest success: 6th La Tropicale Amissa Bongo

Team 2011: MTN Energade

Stagiaire: -

Team 2012: not yet known

Best Mock List ranking: new

Web: -


South African cycling experiences just in this very weeks a boom, triggered by the in fact Kenyan born British citizen Chris Froome, who astonishes the cycling world at the Vuelta. So it’s no miracle that, with Reinardt Janse van Rensburg, a South African made it into this year’s Mock List.

The name „van Rensburg“ is not a new one to the Mock List as Jacques Janse van Rensburg made it to the places 33 and 37 in the years 2008 and 2009. Jacques is Reinardts brother, who was not able yet, to succeed among the pros. Succeeding is now up to Reinardt, who until now was cycling mainly on the African continent.


His 2011 season he started at the stage race La Tropicale Amissa Bongo (2.1) where he encountered some European teams, including Europcar. The race was won by Anthony Charteau and van Rensburg came in sixth and proved that he is able to ride with the European top pros. Three top ten stage placings rounded up his successful performance. Another top result he accomplished with his win on the second stage of the Tour du Marocco (2.2) in March. In May van Rensburg drew some attention a second time, when finishing sixth at the Tour de Aserbaidschan (2.2), that was upgraded by the participation of the Miche team. Van Rensburg came in behind Rebellin and Schumacher but beat the Giro and Tour de France experienced Markus Fothen and Markus Eichler.


Further than that the South African has his strengths especially in the time trials. He proved that by winning the Panafrican Games and further triumphs and results in several national and continental championships in this discipline.

So one can especially be curios about his appearance in this discipline at the Worlds. It would be important for his development to meet international competition more often, to place himself in the focus of the big teams managers. This is probably the only way to follow or at least approach the path Christopher Froome set out.


Nominated by phil, written by phil, translated by Ogkempf

Rank 47: Evgeny Shalunov

Evgeny Shalunov




Rider type: stage racer

Biggest success: stage win Ronde de l'Isard 2011

Team 2011: Lokomotiv-Urbycolan

Stagiaire: Team RadioShack

Team 2012: to be determined

Best Mock List placing: new

Web: -


Even if you have to be careful with terms like "meteoric rise", it is difficult to get past it, in case of the young Russian Evgeny Shalunov. With impressive dominance he and his russian team swept this years Spanish races. But first things first.


Like many other Russian talents Shalunov also started on the track. There he became Vice-European Champion 2010 in the individual pursuit and was able to win the title with the Russian team in the pursuit. Shalunovs skills as a pursuit rider are helpful for him on the road. There he usually wins alone, after he was able to distance his rivals with a hard attack.

These skills were especially evident at last years Junior Peace Race. On the second stage, that was accompanied by heavy rain, Shalunov attacked shortly before the finish on a hill and won with a couple of seconds ahead of the bunch. The fourth stage to Altenberg became a demonstration of strength. Shalunov attacked multiple times and was able to gain step by step time on the peloton. He reached the finish line with a little over two minutes ahead. The tour was won. With a stage win and second place overall at the Spanish Vuelta al Besaya, the young Russian completed a strong year.


This year, Shalunov showed how strong he really is. With his Russian team Lokomotiv, residing in the Catalan town of Tortosa, Shalunov impressed the entire Spanish Amateur and Under 23 scene. It even can happen, that the Russians, like in GP Macario in March, do a four-man team time trial for the victory. Shalunov also triumphed in the Basque Bidasoa Itzulia, scoring another two stage victories. Again there was no cure against Lokomotiv, only the young Panamanian rider Yelko Gomez from Caja Rural was able to be little competition. In addition to two stage wins in the Volta a Coruña, Shalunov could also win a stage at the Ronde de l'Isard France (2.2). In a mountain stage characterized by heavy rain and cold temperatures, Shalunov attacked several times from a strong breakaway and finally finished the stage with 35 seconds ahead of the favorite group. In the overall standings, he did not play a role.

So far eight victories in 2011 for the young rider from St.Petersburg. He also succeeded in winning the metas volantes competiton in the international well-staffed Vuelta a Asturias (2.1)


So strong Shalunov rode this year, so uncertain is his way. As Evgeni Berzin, Vladimir Karpets or Viatcheslav Ekimov - who should be the man behind Shalunov's signing as a stagiare for RadioShack - Evgeny comes from the school of the over 70 years old coaching legend Alexander Kuznetsov. For many decades, with military methods and scientific precision, he takes young cyclists at age 15 under his wings. Six to ten years, it is said, Kuznetsov needs to train a champion. Previously he did this in Russia. Today he does it under certainly better training conditions for cyclists in Tortosa. There he, respectively his daughter, the tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova, owns a house that serves as a training center.

As successful as these cyclists may be and have been, many of them reached their zenith after many hard years of training at age 24-25. Mikhail Ignatiev is one recent example of the Kuznetsov-school. In short, Shalunov brings all that is necessary in order to persist in the professional cycling circus. We will see soon, how far this will get him and if he reaches his maximum to early.


Nominated by ocana, written by ocana, translated by ocana

Rank 46: Lachlan Morton

Lachlan Morton




Rider type: Climber

Biggest success: 6. Tour de Langkawi

Team 2011: Chipotle Development Team

Stagiaire: -

Team 2012: Chipotle Development Team

Best Mock List ranking: new



The talent that slumbers inside of Lachlan Morton already became apparent in 2007. Only 15 years old he and his brother Angus took part in the Mount Evans Hillclimb in Colorado, where he finished fifth, eight minutes down on winner Tom Danielson. This becomes more impressive, when you know, that the race finished at an altitude of 4350 meters.


Morton, who began cycling, respectively triathlon at the age of eight and turned to cycling completely at the age of twelve, moved at the age of 13 away from his Australien hometown Port Macquarie to Boulder, Colorado with his family. His father, who supported Lachlan a lot, just like the rest of the family did by the way, accepted a job in Denver.

A fact that made disappear Morton, despite the good results he achieved, from the radar of the Australian selectors until last year. But the best remedy against disappearing from their radar is scoring strong results.


And so Morton did score good results in 2010, starting with North America´s most important junior race, the Canadian Tour de l'Abitibi (2.NC).

With a big lead Morton won a 14.5km time trial, he furthermore took the sixth stage by coming in solo. So in the end the overall became his prey as well. In return for these accomplishments, Morton was allowed to take part in the hard Tour of Utah for his Team Holowesko Partners. Despite of his “junior handicap“ of 52x14 and the associated chase after each descent, Morton took an very strong seventh place overall! Ignoring the superior Leipheimer and Mancebo, Morton only came short a minute of the best riders. As a junior!


Back in Australia Lachlan prepared his 2011 season. His first year with the U23 and for the Chipotle Development Team. The preparation paid off already in January for the 65kg weighing cyclist. In the Malaysian Tour de Langkawi (2.HC) Morton followed the best climbers a long time on the long and steep Genting Highlands climb. But that was not enough. With five kilometres to go he attacked and reeled in the leading rider Pierre Rolland. Morton was caught back though and became seventh at the end of the day. That resulted in the sixth place overall!

During the rest of the season he focussed on the US circuit. Only Francisco Mancebo was able to distance the Australian in the Tour of Gila and the Cascade Classic.


In 2012 Morton will enter his second year with the Chipotle Development Team. If he can affirm his talent a transfer to Garmin or a nother pro team is only a matter of time.


nominated by ocana, written by ocana, translated by Ogkempf

Rank 45: George Bennett

George Bennett

New Zealand



Rider type: Stage races

Biggest success: 1st Tour of Wellington

Team 2011: Trek – Livestrong u23

Stagiaire: RadioShack

Team 2012: not yet known

Best Mock List ranking: new



Jeremy Yates takes away the title of being the first New Zealander on the Mock List from George Bennett, ad he did it with an advantage of decidedly seven years. Bennett's first race ended a little closer than that. A small U16-Mountain Bike-race still keeps him on his bike nowerdays as he says. Entering the decent to the finish being in the lead, he took a wrong turn, rode through the wrong finish and lost. The young cyclist i still chased by that trauma.


In the mountains Bennett feels most at ease. His favourite piece of road is a steep climb of about a kilometer to his house. His results prove that. In New Zealand he’s down at the front since his debut with the big guys in 2009, when entering the mountains. In Europe he proved himself initially in 2010. Furiously. In the Ronde de l'Isard (2.2U) he concluded stages in the positions four, five and seven. This led to sixth place overall and the acquisition of the young riders jersey.


Before 2011 he swapped to the Lance Armstrong-Farmteam Trek – Livestrong u23.Highly motivated he started the season. He ended The Tour de Vineyards (NE) in third place. He won the Tour of Wellington (2.2) by preserving the advantage to the end, he gained on the first stage. Then Bennett took a break until May. Then he went to the Ronde de l'Isard, again. During the second stage to Superbagnères, Bennett only had to give in to the later victor Elissonde. Elissonde as well, was the only one to be better placed in the overall. These results justify the stagiaire contract with RadioShack. He was a helper in both of Leipheimers victories in Utah and Colorado.


nominated by Offi, written by Offi, translated by Ogkempf

Rank 44: Julian Kern

Julian Kern




Rider type: Allrounder

Biggest success: European Champion

Team 2011: Team Seven Stones

Stagiaire: -

Team 2012: not yet known

Best Mock List placing: new



“Julian WHO?”, probably was the very first reaction even among hardcore cycling fans when reading that Julian Kern became European Champion in Offida on the 17th of July. And that though the start list included some riders who are ranked highly above him in this year’s Mock List.

But first things first…


After some placements beyond good and evil during the start of the season, Kern indicated an upward trend in April with the fifths place at the Bundesliga race in Cadolzburg. Another pointer he delivered at Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt (1.HC), where he made the first group and finished 51th. The 15th place overall at the Ronde L’Isard (2.2U), the third place at the fourth stage of the Giro delle Friuli Venezia Giulia (2.2) as well as the 26th place at the German Championship for Elite riders, all lead to the conclusion that Kern would have a strong summer.


Nevertheless, his triumph in Offida came as a complete surprise, even for Kern himself, as he stated he would enter the race with no expectations at all. Kern, usually more of a climber, proved some sprinted skills there by winning the sprint of a five-man-group.

The autumn isn’t a success for the young German yet, as he had to pull out during the Tour de l’Avenir’s (2.NC) hard Vogesen stage.

The season is not over for him as Kern is listed in the German squad for the Champs in Kopenhagen.

Even though the profile there is not necessarily to his liking, one can be curios if the European Champion will shine in Denmark as well.


Although Kern doesn’t have a pro contract yet, his title should have made some team chefs notice him. So we hope we will hear a lot of Kern in the future to come.


nominated by phil, written by phil, translated by Ogkempf

Rank 43: Mark McNally

Mark McNally

Great Britain



Speciality: Sprinter, Northern Classics

Most important successes: 1. Mi-Aout-Bretonne

Team/Club 2011: An Post – Sean Kelly

Stagiaire: -

Team 2012: to be determined

Best Mock List ranking: new



Mark McNally is a pretty good cyclist. And that although he spends much time in his kitchen, because cooking is his hobby. Mostly he conjures Italian meals. However, this is a country he previously could not really get in touch with through cycling. He scored his first tangible results in the UK.


At age 15, he became British youth road champion. Like most of his British colleagues, he did not only ride on the road, but also on the track. In the following years he was also much more successful in track racing. 2007 and 2008 he became European champion in Cottbus and Pruszkow at the junior team pursuit competition. In 2007, among others, with Mocklist fellow Luke Rowe. In those years, he reached further podium finishes at national championships, also in the elite class.


Over the next years he used to focus more on road racing again. In smaller British races he entered the Top 10. In 2010 he was able to finish the difficult third stage of the Tour of Britain (2.1) in fifth place. The race was marked by adverse weather conditions and provided a nasty short climb. In the general classification he couldn't play a role, because he missed the crucial group the day before, that was able to gain a lead of over ten minutes.


In 2011 he finally decided that road race is his priority. In some Belgian one-day races, he was able to achieve some single-digit rankings, including the U23 edition of the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. In August, he was able to win the Mi-Aout Bretonne (2.2). So he is on a good way to fulfill his ambitions for improvement in hilly races, to get good results especially in the Flemish races.


Nominated by rieper, written by rieper, translated by ocana

Rank 42: Nicola Boem

Nicola Boem




Rider type: Hill-solid sprinter

Biggest success: 1st Giro del Belvedere di Villa di Cordignano

Team 2011: GS Zalf Desirée Fior

Stagiaire: -

Team 2012: Farnese Vini

Best Mock List Placing: new

Web: -


Nicola Boem comes from the greater Venetian, San Donà di Piave lies idyllic at the Piave. And at the freeway. In contrast to some other Italian sprinters, Boem doesn´t have to be afraid of the famous freeway bridges. The fast 21 year old is able to survive hills quite well, an important and necessary feature to win Italian races.. Since 2008 he rides in the U23 category, but his first merits, he already achieved in the junior ranks. So he became second at the Italian time trial championships and won the Trofeo Buffoni.


Boem always rode well, but his first win in the U23 category he just scored in August of 2010. The last stage of the Giro della Valle d'Aosta Mont Blanc (2.2) became his personal triumph, as he rescued two seconds to the finish line. His biggest fish he reeled in in April of 2011. In the very strong peloton of the Giro del Belvedere di Villa di Cordignano (1.2U), he won the final sprint of eleven escapees, beating Puccio and Battaglin among others.


Boem is not a top sprinter, but like Peter Sagan or John Degenkolb he survives hard hills and is then able to finish strong in the remaining group. Therefore he will have hopes for a hard race at the Worlds, so that he is able to play his cards. No matter what his result will be in Copenhagen, he will be a pro next year with Farnese Vini.


nominated by Offi, written by Offi, translated by Ogkempf

Rank 41: Victor Cabedo Carda

Victor Cabedo Carda




Rider type: fast rouleur

Biggest success: stage win Vuelta a Asturias

Team 2011: Orbea Continental

Stagiaire: -

Team 2012: Euskaltel - Euskadi

Beste Mock List-placing: new


Born on the 15th of June 1989 in Onda Cabedo tested himself in the youth categories in cyclocross and won the Spanish Championships in 2005. In 2006 he transferred to the road and immediately won a stage of the junior stage race Vuelta al Besaya (2.1). At the time trial of the European Championships he reached an unspectacular 30th place.


In 2007 the good results and victories piled up. Next to two stages he also won the overall of the Vuelta al Besaya (2.1), became second at the Nationals in the time trial and won the Vuelta Ciclista Vegas de Granada (NE). He also travelled with the Spanish selection across Europe and finished sixth at the Tour du Pays de Vaud (2.1).

In 2009 Cabedo joined Seguros Bilbao in the U23 division. He achieved seventh place at the Spanish National Time Trial Championships and won time trial at the Vuelta a Palencia (NE). The year after he finished second in the Copa de España , which he secured by finishing first at Memorial Valenciaga, third at the Circuito Deputación de Pontevedra and fourth at the GP Macario.

Thereupon he was hired by Team Orbea Continental this year. There he took part in several professional races in Spain. In February he straightaway drew some attention by finishing 14th at the Trofeo Inca-Inca (1.1). In April Cabedo came in fifth at the Klasika Primavera de Amorebieta (1.1). His first pro victory the spanish rider achieved at the Vuelta a Asturias (2.1), where he won the fourth stage out of a group of escapees. Further remarkable results are his placing at the Spanish Champs, where he came in ninth at the road race and and tenth at the time trial.

Next year Cabedo will turn pro at Euskaltel. We will see if he will rise above the role of a helper.


Nominated by wagenge, written by wagenge, translated by Ogkempf

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