Präventionsprojekte in Großbritannien

Die Doping-Prävention ist bei der Britischen Anti-Doping-Agentur UKAD angesiedelt:


To create a legacy of future generations of clean athletes we place a strong emphasis on the prevention of, and protection from doping.


Education plays a key role in achieving this.


We aim to instil a culture of clean sport by ensuring that all athletes and athlete support personnel understand and practise the values of clean sport.


UK Anti-Doping’s prevention programme includes:


Education programmes


our Clean Sport curriculum and education strategies


compliance support for National Governing Bodies of sport


We believe that working in partnership with other organisations is essential to ensure that athletes can be reached at all stages of their careers, helping them to be clean and stay clean.


We develop and maintain partnerships with a wide range of sporting organisations to proactively support advancement towards the goal of clean sport.


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