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Ok, I finally have time to check out the forum. What's happening today? What! No new PNs! Hard to believe .. where are all my friends and why aren't they writing to me?


So .... Sofa Lounge. Anything new in K&P? Good grief, what's wrong with these guys, why aren't they posting any new T and A pix? Don't they see how many more pages the girls have in their Praktiker thread than we do? I don't need to look at anything else here -- it's just the Chicks and that crazy Ticker where they all write so funny.


The Sofa is good, any birthdays today? Yeah, there's one. Never heard of the user but what the heck, I may as well wish him -- or her? -- happy birthday. New members? Anybody need advice on buying a camera or a new computer? I don't know anything about either one, but that doesn't need to stop me from giving my "advice".....


Asyl-Forum, that's just all that crap in english. Why doesn't that old broad learn to write in German, like any normal person, it's too much hard work reading that stuff. And what makes her think she knows enough about anything to give her opinions like that?


Selberfahrer, that's another great one. "I rode 3749.562 km yesterday in 1.5 meter snow and hurricane-force winds." "I ran 25 km in just 12 minutes!" "I built my new bike entirely by hand!" "How often do you shave your legs?" Gimme a break! These people need to get lives! Half the guys who write in there are teenies who really think they have a chance to become a pro rider -- ha! -- or old guys over 30 who haven't realized yet that they are over the hill ... none of them has a good grip on reality.....


I don't need to look at the Tippspiel, either, like I really care who's going to win some biathlon meet or race or whatever it's called? What does that have to do with cycling, anyway? It seems to me that they spend 90 percent of their time just arguing about their arcane rules anyway....


OK, now here's the real thing, "THE" forum. Here's the interesting stuff. What's the latest on Lance and his girlfriend? My god, is she ugly ... and old ... and dresses just as badly as he does. I'll go write in there that he's obviously a lot more interested in servicing her than in training -- I mean, that's a logical conclusion, you see lots of pictures of him with her and none of him on his bike, so it's just obvious that he isn't training, right? Oh, there's lot of good stuff here today. There are some new jerseys in the Trikots 2004 thread, I can't stand that team, so I'll write how ugly they are.


And "Ulle Nackt" -- what a great one -- not that I care about seeing some guy's bare chest but we all talk about which girl rider we want to see topless -- you know, we've got some of the teenaged guys here really panting. There's some nude photos of some girl luge rider on the internet, maybe I can post those - wonder how far we can take this before the mods step in -- but who cares what they say...What else? God, how boring -- how the riders are preparing for next year .. somebody got caught with drugs -- "A new Festina-type doping scandal" -- Kelme and its license and no money -- I mean, who's interested in all that crap anyway.......



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